Next Testing - July 21st


Our first tournament of the year is approaching on Saturday, October 25th at noon hour.

The next color belt testing is Sunday, November 16, at our Main School in Kitchener ON. Please see your instructor for details.


Follow these links to our "partner schools", and to great local vendors who we've partnered with.

Did you know that by joining Chung Ohs Listowel, you are eligible to take FREE classes at any of our partner schools.  Ask your instuctor for details!

Founder: Grandmaster Chung W. Oh
Head Instructor: Grandmaster I. Oh

32 Duke Street East

Classes Held Monday-Thursday
Classes Start at 6:00 pm

Cambridge Head Instructor: Master Michael Malleck

205-20 Park Hill Road East
Cambridge (Galt)

Mondays & Thursdays
Classes Start at 6:00 pm

Head Instructor: Brad Speers
St. Georges Church
99 Woolwich Street
Guelph, ON  N1E 3P4
Mondays & Wednesday
Classes Start at 6:30 pm

Head Instructor: Chris Mulligan
300 Andrews St W (Melville United Cuhrch)
Fergus, ON  N1M 1P1
Mondays & Wednesday
Classes Start at 6:30 pm

Moonlighting Photography
Proprietor : Gary Moon
V = 519.291.2583
E =